OTR Repairs

OTR tyre repair

Industrial sites, mines and quarries take a lot out of your vehicles’ tyres. With the high costs associated with these giant tyres, professionals are taking action to increase their durability.

Repairing giant tyres, a delicate operation

Repairing tyres for construction and civil engineering vehicles can be a real headache for technicians. Buffing, the pre-repair preparation phase, is a long and tiresome process which produces a huge amount of rubber dust.

Using our extensive experience in the industry, we’ve created a solution to improve both the comfort and health of these professionals. We have developed a tool that can reduce the buffing time by 90%.

Liner remover action
The HC1000, the perfect way to reduce buffing time

This unit, the HC1000, enables technicians to remove thick layers of rubber, from 32 to 40mm depending on the desired final depth. This can be taken down to only 6 or 7mm thick. Only this final layer then has to be buffed away.

This unit was developed alongside a Canadian company which specializes in OTR tyre repair (International Tyre Repair Solutions – www.itrs.ca).

HC1000 Patches & Liner Remover