The PSO heating knife

Easy to use, reliable and versatile, the PSO heated knife enables you to make cuts in both rubber and elastomers. At PSO, we use our extensive industry experience to develop the most effective cutting tools. Just look at our heated knife for proof.

Couteau Chauffant
The PSO heated knife: versatile, reliable and precise
The PSO heating knife is perfect for a wide range of applications

Thanks to our various blade models in stock and our off-plan blades, this tool is perfect for any type of cut. Especially well-adapted and widely used by industrial firms, the PSO heated knife enables you to cut through both rubber and elastomer materials with ease. Whether you need to cut through conveyor belts or take apart your seal joints, the PSO heated knife is the perfect tool for a huge variety of jobs.

A strong and reliable heated knife

At PSO, we have extensive experience in cutting and heating and significant expertise in producing cutting tools. Thanks to this experience, we can create increasingly effective tools, and this strength and reliability has built our reputation around the world.

The different blades on the PSO heating knife

couteau chauffant-l1
couteau chauffant l2