World-renowned tyre regrooving specialist

PSO is a world-renowned tyre regrooving specialist.  We offer a wide range of regrooving equipment: the PS15 Truckstar Plus, the PS15 Plus and the PS15 OTR.  Strong and reliable, each of these models has its own special features, making the entire range perfect for all types of application.  Find out more.

Characteristics for the equipment in the PS15 range

  • The regrooving models in the PS15 range are all strong, tough and incredibly reliable.
  • The handle is ergonomic and easy to use, making regrooving a breeze.
  • Each unit comes with a box of blades and a tightening wrench.
  • All of the blades can be mounted in a single operation.
  • The units include spring-loaded clamps.
  • The hood ensures complete protection from dust and mud.
  • For maximum safety, cable voltage is no higher than 1.5V.
  • Each component can be replaced.

The PS15 Standard
A professional regrooving tool, with 370W, 4 heating positions and 1 zero setting.  This model is renowned for its strength and reliability.

PS15 Standard-2

The PS15 Truckstar plus
This is the most sophisticated regrooving machine on the market, with a heat output adjustable to the nearest per cent for extremely high-precision work.  The PS15 Truckstar Plus also saves energy, thanks to its automatic standby mode.  It includes integrated buttons on the façade, and a 500W transformer for increased rubber penetration.


The PS15 Plus
The mechanical version of the PS15 Plus includes a 500W transformer, 5 heating positions and a zero setting.


The PS15 OTR
The PS15 OTR is our most powerful model.  It includes: a 1000W transformer, 5 heating positions and a zero setting.  This unit is specially designed for intensive regrooving with R5, C5 and C6 blades.