Blades and Accessories

Regrooving stand, blades and gauges are the accessories available for our regrooving equipment.
Alongside the PSO regrooving equipment, these accessories play a key role.  The support makes it easier to regroove your tyres.  The blades ensure a clean regroove and the gauge ensures that your groove stays at the perfect depth.

The regrooving stand
The support forms a base for the tyre, enabling you to regroove any sort of HGV tyre quickly and easily.  The tyre is rotated in a single direction, and mounting/dismounting is completed in a matter of seconds with no tools required.  It measures 60x60cm.


Our blades are extremely high quality, thanks to the double-sided sharpening and special steel composition.  All of our models are available in boxes of 20 blades.  Only the C6 (20-28mm) model, specially designed for Civil Engineering use, comes in a box of 10.


Regrooving gauges
> These keep your groove at the perfect depth
> 6 sizes, from 4 to 9mm.

Calibre Schéma