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Our expertise

The global tyre regrooving specialist

We’ve been specialized in HGV tyre regrooving for more than 50 years. On our site you’ll find all the products you need to save money on tyre replacement and help protect the environment.

All of our products are manufactured in our workshops and certified according to the latest EC electrical standards.

We can offer a complete range of products for both infrequent and heavy use, whether in the workshop or in the field.

We know that our blades offer the fastest and most comfortable regrooving around because we are confident in their extremely high quality. Thanks to our experience, we can offer perfectly sharpened and hardened blades. As you know, a better-sharpened blade will cut through rubber that much more effectively.

Thanks to the high quality and reputation of our products, our tools are used extensively across five continents.

Our expertise in the field of heated cutting has enabled us to diversify. We now offer a range of solutions for giant OTR tyre repair and for industrial clients in general.


Economical and environmentally friendly products

By increasing the useful product life of your tyres (regrooved tyres can roll 25% further), you’ll save money by buying fewer new tyres and also by consuming less fuel.

In fact, regrooving helps protect the environment because:

  • transporters release less CO2, fewer tyres are used and discarded and fewer natural resources are consumed.

For more information, read the Michelin Regrooving Catalogue.

On an industrial scale

Over the years, we’ve built up enough experience in the cutting and heating industry to offer a variety of cutting solutions to companies which work either directly or indirectly with rubbers and elastomers.

We supply equipment to industrial clients, and also companies handling installation and maintenance who have to cut this through this type of material.

Come and discover our range of solutions on our Industry page.