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PSO— Pneu Service Outillage



Regrooving is a technique which consists of regrooving the tread surface of a used tyre in order to extend its product lifetime. It helps reduce tyre expenses for transport companies, and is a sensible way to help protect the environment. PSO is a global specialist in regrooving equipment. Let’s find out more.


The PSO heating knife Easy to use, reliable and versatile, the PSO heated knife enables you to make cuts in both rubber and elastomers. At PSO, we use our extensive industry experience to develop the most effective cutting tools. Just look at our heated knife for proof. The PSO heated knife: versatile, reliable and precise […]

OTR Repairs

OTR tyre repair Industrial sites, mines and quarries take a lot out of your vehicles’ tyres. With the high costs associated with these giant tyres, professionals are taking action to increase their durability. Repairing giant tyres, a delicate operation Repairing tyres for construction and civil engineering vehicles can be a real headache for technicians. Buffing, […]